November 5, 2017

Our Melodrama

The 52nd Sawdust Theatre Season proudly presents:

“Wells, Wishes, and Wickedwrongdoers”
“Ding, Dong, Dell, who Threw Granny in the Well?”

Directed by: Kendra Gray & Alex Goble

The Olios Directed by: Maureen March & Mickie Waddington

An evening at the Sawdust Theatre is always a treat for the whole family. Get to the theatre plenty early. As you arrive for the evening’s performance, you will be greeted by glamorous Can Can ladies and dapper gents. They link their arms through yours and chat amiably with you as they escort you to the entrance.

The show starts before the curtain goes up, so come early and enjoy the entertainment before the first act. Drinks and popcorn help provide early arrivals with energy to laugh and sing during the entire show.

From the time you enter the theatre, you escape to a place with no worries of everyday life. While you are waiting for the start of the show, you will be treated to a dazzling display of piano pyrotechnics playing ragtime music. The lights dim and the performers emerge serpentwining through the audience singing hello and shaking hands.

Leave your inhibitions outside! When the show starts, be ready to boo and hiss the dastardly villains who justly deserve our scorn. Cheer and ahh for the wholesome heroes and innocent heroines because they truly deserve our praise. Sawdusters love audience participation.

Sing along and tap your feet to the music of the olio performers who make sure that no-one gets bored between acts.

Once you have been here you will want to come back again and again